Single and Twin cut-off without inside scarf


SpeedMaster is a TCT saw blade for flying cut-off applications on tube mills.

It provides an opportunity to greatly increase the tube manufacturing line speeds and cut the production costs.

Where cutting speed limits of coated HSS saw blades have been reached, SpeedMaster saw blades provide an effective solution.


  • Extremely high line speed because of very short cutting times
  • Very good surface finish, burr-free cut
  • Increased uptime


  • Single and twin flying cut-off machines designed for TCT cutting with small or no ID-scarf
  • Tubes with a tensile strength up to 1.000 N/mm2
  • Cutting speed: 350 m/min (starting value).
  • Tooth load 1/2/3: relation 1/2/0.8. 0.05/0.10/0.04 mm/tooth.

Note: To accommodate higher requirements of line speed or reduce vibration level when cutting thin wall section, higher cutting speeds (up to 500m/min) can be applied. Tooth load can be doubled if required, while respecting max fill ratio of 10%.