High performance cutting of stainless steel bar (austenitic)


CX 6 saw blades are carbide tipped and PVD coated for cutting solid stainless steel.

With their proprietary geometry very fast cutting and good surface finish can be achieved.


  • Materials: austenitic stainless steel solids
  • Cutting speed: 120 – 80 m/min (D 20mm – D >100mm.
  • Tooth load: 0.08 mm/tooth.
  • Machines: Tsune, Amada, Mega, Kasto, Kentai, Behringer, Exactcut, Everising

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, use twisted wirebrush. Choice of cutting oil is critical to achieve high blade life (Castrol B30 or B335 suggested). Check temperature of cut surface. Should be cold (warm when cutting short length).