Every member of our team shares a passion for sawing technology and the technical demands of continuously refining the tooling and the sawing process.

We thrive on the challenges laid down by our customers no matter how improbable they might appear. Our R&D department is working with the state of art sawing machine that enables them to find the solutions for the specific needs of our clients.

Our location in the East of The Netherlands puts us close to the leading players in European research and development in both materials science and machine tool manufacture. We develop joint research projects with universities, professional cutting contractors and machine constructors.

By collating the data from these projects we are able to transfer the knowledge in a structured form directly to the shop floor of our customers. For our own production we directly influence the suppliers of our manufacturing plant to improve the precision and consistency of their equipment to meet our ever more demanding quality standards. In this way we are able, not only to improve the performance of our original equipment saw blades, but also to maintain that performance throughout its service life.

By taking this proactive strategy to R&D we stay ahead of the market and maintain our leadership in high efficiency cutting. Our focus is always on reducing the total cost of the sawing process in challenging technical environments. This philosophy has taken us to a leading global position in product innovation and quality, productivity expertise, consultancy and troubleshooting capabilities.